About Us

“Asian Society of Continuing Medical Education” is not for profit forum of doctors engaged in updating the skills and knowledge of
practising doctors by providing continuous medical education activities that may be subsidized through educational grants received from
Corporate, Government, Non Government organization, societies and institutes and any other organization involved in philanthropic

Asian Society has worked with many renowned senior faculty in the medical fraternity to create Continuing Medical Education modules in
different formats, print and digital leveraging the evidence based knowledge and skills of the thought leaders drawn from various
medical specialties and reaching it to large number of practicing doctors across the country. The continuing medical education is
imparted to practicing doctors through the distance education mode so that the practising doctors even from the remotest part of India
can easily and conveniently access the programmes without being away from their place or practice.

We are ably supported by full time and part time medical staff besides a strong organizational infrastructure to create, develop and
deliver our web based and print programmes anywhere in the country.

Asian society provides an excellent forum to share the outstanding experience and expertise of eminent specialists with the young and
futuristic practicing doctors thereby benefiting millions of suffering patients by offering better quality of the health care.

Basic research shows that busy primary care practicing doctors / general practitioners are benefited maximum from the following
educational products.